Free Range Arcade

January 10, 2017
Free Range Arcade

When: Nov 6, 2015 from 6pm to 9:30pm

Where: Rhino's All Ages Music Club, 331 S Walnut St, Bloomington, IN

Admission: Free!

Free Range Arcade is a gallery of video games made right here in the Midwest! Game makers from all over the region will gather here in Bloomington to show off their work.

Featured Game Creators

Studio Cypher

Bloomington, IN

SC recently partnered with Mundo Lanugo to create an iPad app that teaches preschoolers about Hispanic culture.

Mommy's Best Games

Louisville, KY

MBG will be showcasing their just-released-on-Windows games Shoot 1UP and Explosionade!

Shoot 1UP


Zon Haralovich

Bloomington, IN

Zon will be showing off his outer space multiplayer sandbox game Contested Space.

Contested Space screenshot

Mad Goblin Games

Bloomington, IN

Haywire on fuel station Zeta is a challenging isometric platformer that was just released on Steam! Come and see how far you can get!

S.S. 64 Games

Bloomington, IN

They will be demoing their upcoming Tetris-meets-Jenga game StacksOnStacks(OnStacks).


Bloomington, IN

They'll be showing off the new level editor for their iOS game Furdemption!

Super Soul

Lexington, KY

Super Soul will be giving an early preview of their next game, Beam Me Up

Patrick Stefaniak

Bloomington, IN

Patrick will be showing his art game, CUBEISM


The Retro Rocketeers

Bloomington, IN

This student team has been working hard on their game, Mothership Defense Force!

Mild Mojo

Lexington, KY

Do your best to make sure there's no dead air on this radio station control game, Disc Jockey Jockey!

More Coming soon!

If you have a game you'd like to show, send an email to