BIG Night 2013

2013 is going to be a big year for BIG Night and games in Bloomington!  Our first meeting will be on Jan 11, with some great presentations on game jams.  That’s just in time to get you pumped up for the Global Game Jam on Jan 25th-27th. We hope to have a location in Bloomington this time, so more details will follow.

We’ll also be starting a weekly gathering for casual playtesting and shop-talk, Playtest pThursdays, 7-9pm every Thursday. Once again, expect more details soon!

If you’re  interested in presenting at the next BIG Night, especially if it’s connected to game jams, let me know and I’ll add you to the agenda.  If you have a jam game to show off, strategies for completing a jam, or a cautionary tale, now is your chance to shine!

Presenting at the next BIG Night are:

  1. Sean Duncan about why game jams are interesting from an academic perspective
  2. Will Emigh relating his experience at jamming during the Ludum Dare
  3. Jordan Jalles about the process of taking a jam game and fleshing it out









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